The simplest and most effective curve shaping operation

The simplest and most effective curve shaping operation


Shape sexy shoulders – lift your arms to lift your shoulders.

  Posture: The elbow is bent at 90 degrees, the upper arm muscles are tense, and the palm is facing inward; the body leans forward slightly.

Slowly lift the elbow joint until it is shoulder-high, from bottom to top; repeat the exercise 8 times.


Eliminate Butterfly Sleeves – Practice your front, shoulders and forearms with one hand.

  Posture: Correct, holding a dumbbell weighing 5 pounds in the left hand, the feet are the same width as the shoulders, aiming to relax and slightly bend; put the right hand on the table or chair, and straighten the left hand toward the ground, palmInside; bend the elbows, lift the dumbbells and dumbbells at the same height, bottom-up; repeat the exercise 8 times, then change direction.


Destroy the butterfly sleeves – lean forward and practice your front, back and arms.

  Posture: Hold one dumbbell in each hand, the feet are separated from the hips, the legs are slightly curved; the elbows are bent, the shoulders are forced to force the posture of the boxer, and the position is right; the right hand, the palm down, feel yourselfJust punch forward with your fist, regain your right hand, then repeat the left hand to repeat the action; both hands take turns, each doing 20 times.


Shape the beautiful front end – gradually tilt the muscles above the back end.

  Posture: Lying face down on the floor, relax with both hands and legs, straighten; slowly lift the right arm and left leg, mentioning the place where the attempt is high (make the arms and legs to maximize the distance).

  Do it from the bottom up.

Then do it in another direction; do it 12 times on each side.