The fingers are long and barbed, tearing the pain, not tearing and uncomfortable?

Eat these 4 kinds of foods to prevent!

The fingers are long and barbed, tearing the pain, not tearing and uncomfortable?
Eat these 4 kinds of foods to prevent!

Long barbs on the fingers are a common phenomenon that almost everyone has encountered, especially in the dry season of autumn and winter, it is easier to grow barbed.

Long barbed, can not help but want to tear . so-called barbed, is actually a common name, the medical term is called “reverse stripping”, refers to the reverse exfoliation of the epidermis around the nail.

The main manifestation is that the epidermis around the nail is cracked and disengaged in a triangular shape.

In general, barbs are caused by cracking of the stratum corneum due to dry skin and a sign of vitamin E deficiency in the body.

Therefore, strengthening finger skin care and vitamin supplementation are fundamental to preventing barbs.




The supplement of human vitamins mainly grows vegetables and fruits.

What is the daily intake of vitamin E required by an adult?
10mg, which fruits and vegetables replace vitamin E?

Mulberry mulberry is sweet, sour, and cold.

Among fruits, mulberry has the most vitamin E.

Among them, mulberry (dry) contains vitamin E32.

68 mg.

Mulberry also has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting edema, soothing the nerves, nourishing blood, black hair, anti-aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat and enhancing immunity.

The grape skin is thin and juicy, sweet and sour, rich in nutrients, and has the reputation of “crystal pearl”.

It can fight against free radicals and prevent free radical damage to human cells.

Grapes contain vitamin E and contain about 0 per 100 grams of fresh grapes.

7 mg.

With qi and blood, Yigan kidney, Shengjin, diuretic, cough and other effects.

Regular grape consumption is helpful for neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

Kiwifruit Kiwifruit is a nutritious fruit rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and carotene. It has anti-aging, clearing the stomach and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Because of its multiple functions and effects, kiwifruit is known as the “king of the fruit”.

In addition, the vitamins of kiwifruit are rich in dietary fiber, but the amount of kiwifruit is reduced, which has certain effects on bodybuilding and beauty.

Carrot and carrot are a kind of home-grown vegetables with a crispy taste and rich nutrition.

Carotene helps maintain the normal function of skin cells, reduces skin wrinkles, stimulates skin metabolism, and keeps skin moist and delicate.

In addition to vitamin A, the signature nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin E also have the effect of moisturizing the skin and resisting aging.

Dry in autumn and winter, long barbs are very common.

Use a nail clipper to dispose of the barbs, apply hand cream, strengthen hand care, usually pay attention to eat more of these foods, add enough vitamin E, you can prevent the occurrence of barbs.

A classic prescription that helps to eliminate age spots

A classic prescription that helps to eliminate age spots

Relatives at home told me a way to “vinegar soaked eggs”, in addition to age spots, you can try.

  Method: Take 180 ml of old vinegar into a jar, then put a washed raw egg into the soak.

Two days later, the eggshell is softened. Use a needle to puncture a hole in the top of the egg. Discharge the egg white into a small bottle and put it in the refrigerator. Take a little egg white on the spot every day, 5?
Wash off after 10 minutes.

I insisted on using every second, the spots really faded.

This method is economical.

  The egg white has the health-care effect of nourishing and nourishing yin. The vinegar is acidic, has certain corrosion and exfoliation.

The principle of vinegar soaked egg whitening is to remove the rust effect of vinegar. At the same time, add egg white, irritating buffer and substitute for vinegar, and prevent excessive stimulation caused by direct contact with vinegar.

  Age spots are formed by seborrheic keratosis of the skin and belong to a pigment plaque, so this method of exfoliation may have a certain effect.

  However, there are two points to be aware of during use: First, prevent excessive skin irritation.

If the skin appears red, swollen, burning, itching and other irritating symptoms, indicating that the concentration of vinegar is too high, you need to replace it before you can continue to use; if the symptoms still do not relieve after replacement, it may be skin allergies, need to stop using immediately.

  Second, keep it clean.

This method is a traditional folk prescription. It is recommended to use it according to individual circumstances. Pay attention to hygiene when using it. Keep the vinegar egg liquid for too long to prevent bacteria from growing.

Daily rest also needs to pay attention to the rhythm

Daily rest also needs to pay attention to the rhythm

Being happy to rest is the cornerstone of health, but in life, people often do not have enough rest.

The latest issue of the American “Beautiful Home” magazine teaches you to be healthy and rest in rhythm.


Close your eyes every hour for two or three minutes.

  Jonathan, director of the Institute of Stress Research at Roosevelt University in the United States?


Smith said that rest is not necessarily lengthy.

Working for 1 hour, two or three minutes of closing your eyes will cause miraculous effects.


Listen to music every day and enjoy a 20-minute hot bath.

  Esser, a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health?

Stadtberg recommends that you calm down and listen to music every day, close your eyes, drink a cup of hot tea with honey, or enjoy a 20-minute hot bath to relieve fatigue.


Take a full rest every week for 1 day and share your family with your family.

  Health expert Lynn?


Babu said that at least one day a week, say goodbye to work, go shopping with the family or go out to the tunnel.


Enjoy 1 hour of professional massage every month.

  Tiffany, director of the Institute of Tactile Studies at the University of Miami School of Medicine?

Dr. Field said that massage can drive away worries and increase the level of dopamine in the body, making people feel more relaxed.


Relax at least once a year.

  At least a few days a year, it’s easy to go out on vacation.

Take a nap, flip through the magazines, take a stroll on the beach, and enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How to detox in autumn?

According to these 4 points, detoxification and health at the same time!

How to detox in autumn?
According to these 4 points, detoxification and health at the same time!

It is easy to accumulate a lot of toxins in the human body. This is a problem that everyone can’t avoid. Some people have to do it to discharge the garbage in the body so that the body can have a healthy state.

Now that the weather is getting colder and it has entered the fall, people can detoxify in the following ways.

The small method of detoxification in autumn makes you feel relaxed. 1. Drink carrot juice. There is a lot of carotene in the carrot. When you drink it into the body, this ingredient will be converted into vitamin A in the small intestine.It is necessary to have a certain ingredient to nourish the body. If vitamin A is insufficient, the keratin metabolism of the skin will cause problems, and the detoxification ability of the skin will be reduced, so that the toxin will be in the skin.

Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, you can often drink some carrot juice in the autumn to increase the metabolism of the skin, so that the toxins can be discharged as soon as possible.

2, exercise, sweating and perspiration is also a very good way of detoxification, sweat will reach the pores of the skin from the body, there will be some toxins replaced, so that the detoxification effect can be achieved.

Because the autumn weather is cool, it is not easy to sweat.

And everyone can exercise perspiration to exercise perspiration.

If you don’t want to exercise, you can use a hot bath to achieve detoxification.

And the hot tub can also restore the blood flow of the body, which is very beneficial to the human body.

3, if you eat more red and want to detoxify, you can achieve the effect by eating red.

Because it is not only delicious, but also can discharge the garbage in the body, thus effectively reducing the accumulation of garbage in the body, to achieve detoxification, laxative effect.

So everyone in the fall may wish to eat some red to eat.

4, occasionally drink pork ribs soup nourish the viscera, the effect of qi is relatively good, because the autumn weather is relatively dry, so eating some pork is a very good choice.

However, it is recommended that everyone drink pork bone soup to eat.

Because it is in the process of tanning, adding Shanghai belt, radish, then it can dissolve the greasy effect, and often eat pork bone soup can not only reduce the headache in the body, but also can remove the toxins in the body, it is veryGood detox food.

However, pay attention to the addition of radish and kelp when tanning.

Autumn is a slightly cool season, and it is easy to let the body dry and toxin accumulation, and if you want to detoxify in the fall, people can solve it through the above methods.

And in normal times, everyone should drink plenty of water and exercise more, so that they can make their bodies stronger and eliminate the effects of body toxins.

Old man wrist high leg watching TV good heart

Old man wrist high leg watching TV good heart

When the ankle is higher than the heart, the blood in the feet and legs is regurgitated, so that the thighs are tightly stretched and the calves are displaced, so that the legs are fully rested.

At the same time, the blood in the legs and feet returns to the lungs, and the heart and heart can transport fresh blood to the legs and feet.

These actions can promote blood flow in the peripheral blood vessels, increase the pressure of blood return, accelerate the blood flow, prevent the pressure of the heart output, and have a great effect on the oxygen supply to the brain.

  According to reports, middle-aged and elderly people practice two or three times a day to raise their feet, each time 5-10 minutes, the heart and head have a great benefit.

Take a sitting position, a reclining posture, and raise your feet to the heart, which will benefit the whole body.

When sleeping, you can properly raise your head and feet, reduce your blood flow, reduce your heart load, and help your heart “rest.”

  By the same token, the elderly often raise their feet, or insist on lifting their legs every day, which will benefit the whole body, especially the legs, heart and head.

 The elderly can walk through the high steps and raise the strength of the waist, legs, abdominal muscles and ligaments. You can walk about 200 steps every day, and the exercise intensity should not be too large.

Patients with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not be carried out. The middle-aged and elderly people who are heavier should be careful when performing this exercise. The exercise intensity should not be increased arbitrarily to avoid danger.

  The high leg lift can be started from dozens of steps, and the amount of exercise cannot be suddenly increased, and the step distance must be mastered.

Measure your usual step size and add 20 cm.

Old people with severe illnesses should not perform this exercise.

In addition, when watching TV or reading, put your feet on the sofa or coffee table, can promote the blood flow in the peripheral blood vessels, increase the pressure of blood return, eliminate the heart output pressure, and benefit the brain oxygen supply.