How to reduce the fat of the abdomen 7 small tricks farewell to the small belly

How to reduce the fat of the abdomen 7 small tricks farewell to the small belly

Beware of the widespread spread of popular dieting networks that lead to information explosions, and the ubiquitous ways to lose weight are everywhere.

College students are a very active group, and their ability to accept new things is particularly strong. Therefore, all kinds of Chinese medicine weight loss methods will be popular in female dormitory.

However, it should be reminded that many methods of weight loss have no scientific basis, and the results can be imagined.

Regular, adequate sleep Some college students MM like to stay up late, and the next morning they have to get up early to class, leading to lack of sleep; or sleep too long during the day, sleep late at night, causing black and white upside down.

Scientific research has found that people who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to gain weight than those who sleep more than seven hours; irregular sleep leads to hormonal changes in regulatory fatigue.

The normal diet is the most slimming in the morning to sleep at 7:30, then rushed to get up and wash, then rushed to the classroom all the way, after a morning of mental work, less than lunch time, but already eager to eat a meal; a meal at noonAfter that, I almost didn’t want to eat at night; I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and I ate high-conversion snacks.

Weight loss experts recommend that breakfast should be simple, lunch will not overeating, dinner moderate amount of insomnia can eat some fruit before going to bed, punch the oatmeal and so on.

Breakfast is indispensable because of the late night, there is no time to eat breakfast, over time, I forgot to eat breakfast, especially in winter, it is more convenient for college students MM.

Nutritionists say that when you don’t eat your own meal, your body becomes aging.

Once you are hungry and can’t bear it, you will grab something to eat, and you lose the sanity of food choice when you are full.

It’s all about snacks. The latest research proves that for young girls, the beginning of obesity is snacks.

Sitting in front of the dormitory computer, chatting about QQ, playing Weibo, watching American drama, eating melon seeds, eating potato chips, eating chocolate. If you really love snacks, then prepare some snacks in advance, thinkEat and eat a little.

But remember, don’t prepare too many snacks for yourself. Drink a glass of water or tea before eating snacks to help shape your body.

Develop healthy habits Everything in our daily lives is closely related to weight loss. Every choice you make determines whether weight loss can be successful.

For example, watching TV, eating snacks while playing computer, and overeating when you are in a bad mood, these common habits are the cause of your obesity.

Students who do not eat diet pills like to buy slimming tea and diet pills, but these are too much damage to the body, especially the stomach?
And eating may rebound, people will not have the spirit, nausea, dizziness, and easy to develop a sense of dependence, and some people later produced constipation, bleak!

How to eat high blood sugar, eat 3 kinds of food

How to eat high blood sugar, eat 3 kinds of food

Coarse grains: Generally, the staple foods are often eaten with coarse grains and legumes. The coarse grains that can be eaten are: sugar rice can transform sugar, buckwheat can lower blood sugar, and oats, black rice, and glutinous rice can reduce complications.

Bean food: Soybeans can lower blood sugar and urine sugar, black beans can regulate blood sugar metabolism, mung bean can treat diabetes, cowpea promotes metabolic secretion, and strengthens sugar metabolism.

The original precious fruit: the original precious fruit can adjust the body’s metabolic function, so that its own supplement can be restored and fully function, so that blood sugar can be absorbed and utilized by the body tissue cells, so that blood sugar is reduced.The purpose of long-term stable and comprehensive control of blood sugar allows the human body to permanently replace its secreted insulin to break down blood sugar.

Yuanzhen Xiangtian is a pure natural plant fruit, originated from the Solomon Islands virgin forest in the South Pacific, belonging to the genus Polygonaceae, with scarce production and precious left and right.

It is mainly used to regulate diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, endocrine disorders, etc. Long-term use can improve body function, improve body immune function, strengthen solids, activate cells, prevent and delay aging, and have great complications to the human body.

Yuanzhen is cool to the fruit, heat, convergence, bitter taste, glutinous, without any impurities, is a very rare plant.

According to the “Malaysia Herbal Medicine Catalogue”, it is bitter, astringent, cool, and antipyretic, and it is strong and strong!

Its seeds are inherited: diabetes, high blood pressure.

How to supplement pertussis is better to recommend the pertussis food supplement

How to supplement pertussis is better to recommend the pertussis food supplement

In the autumn and winter season, the pertussis and bacteria also quietly overlap, let our lovely babies suffer from pertussis, then how should we resist the bacteria and open the security guard mode?

In the diet, I recommend several food supplements to improve the symptoms of baby whooping cough.

Recommended pertussis food supplement one, brown sugar winter melon drink[food]winter melon seeds 15 grams, 20 grams of brown sugar, mashed powder, boiled water, 2 times a day, and even served 5?
7 days.

【Utility】 Winter melon has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting thirst, clearing away heat and removing phlegm, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, while brown sugar is warm and warm, and it tastes sweet and refreshing, and the color is attractive.

Second, honey radish drink[food]white radish 1 (smashed juice) 25 ml of juice, 12 ml of honey and mix thoroughly, 1 time, 1-2 times a day.

[Utility]Carrot is flat, sweet, can stop coughing, children with pertussis should eat.

“Food Chinese Medicine and Toilet” said: “Children whooping cough; 120 grams of carrots, 10 red dates, 3 bowls of water, fried to 1 bowl, free to drink.

“People also use 500 grams of carrots, squeeze the juice, add honey to adjust the amount.

The honey is sweet and sweet, and it has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, nourishing the lungs, detoxifying and reconciling various medicines. It is often used for lung dryness and cough.

Third, Houttuynia sinensis green leaf porridge[food]Houttuynia (fresh) 50 grams, 15 grams of sage, 60 grams of mung beans, 60 grams of rice, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Fish sedge, succulent decoction for 20 minutes to juice, and then fry for 30 minutes to take a total of 300 ml of concentrated juice, add appropriate amount of water and mung beans, previously rice porridge, cooked with iced sugar dissolved and mix thoroughly, daily 1-2Times.
[Utility]Houttuynia cordata can improve the body’s immunity, heat, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, and is often used for lung, cough, pus and blood, lung heat cough, yellow and thick.

The sage leaves have the function of dispelling cold, qi and stomach function, attending cold and cold, coughing, chest and abdomen fullness, nausea and vomiting.

Simple rubber band exercise helps you to quickly lose weight

Simple rubber band exercise helps you to quickly lose weight

Do you envy the smooth, silky beauty of the stars?

Do you want to have a sexy ending and add personal charm?

Teach you to use the rubber band movement method, fast and thin back!


Stand up with your feet open and shoulder width, step the rubber band to the foot, and extend the length of the body side to better.

If the rubber band is too long, wrap 1-2 turns under your feet.


Before the flat knees, the knees are slightly flexed, and the rubber bands are pressed with the toes or the center of the soles of the feet. At the same time, the hands are tightly gripped before the rubber bands themselves are pulled flat, and the ground level is still, and after 5-10 seconds, they are put down and continue.

15-20 groups/time, 3 times/day.


The side of the knees is slightly flattened, and the rubber band is pressed against the center of the toes or the soles of the feet, while the hands are gripped and the rubber bands are pulled up from the body side.

  When the upper arm is basically level with the ground, it will stand still for 5-10 seconds and then let go.

15-20 groups/time, 3 times/day.

Leaning over the bird, leaning over, bending your knees, standing waist, chest, while crossing the rubber band, hands clasped from the side of the body and felt the shoulder muscles tighten.

When the hand is basically level with the skull, it will stand still for 3-5 seconds.

15-20 groups/time, 3 times/day.

Correct weight measurement, healthy weight loss is very simple

Correct weight measurement, healthy weight loss is very simple

In the process of weight loss, people often judge their weight loss by the body mass index of the weight scale. The change of body weight has always affected the mood of each dieter.

  In fact, the scientific way to detect weight loss results can not only focus on one weight.

Be aware that there are many factors that affect a person’s weight, not just the amount of sputum in the body.

If we care too much about the weight, it is easy to make our confidence in weight loss greatly lost, and even make us out of the original weight loss plan.

So, is weight not important in the process of losing weight?

Can we throw away the weight scale?

The answer is certainly not the case.

It can be said that there are many ways to detect weight loss results, and weight is the most direct way, and the most easy to reflect the results of weight loss.

However, we objectively use the weight to detect weight loss results, eliminate those interference factors, let the weight more objectively reflect the results of weight loss, and no longer let the weight go.

Let the experts tell you how to use the reliable weight to detect weight loss results, so that the weight no longer disturbs your mood.

  1. The weight measured in the same budget, environment, and physical condition is similar to the method using similar control variables. Under the adverse effects of factors such as exercise, water, food and environmental influences, save a budget for yourself every week.In this scheduling, it is possible to ensure that the environment is the same, and the body weight is measured without much difference in various aspects of the body, thereby facilitating the introduction of more realistic weight loss results.

Experts suggest that after a night of adjustment and rest, the physical condition of the body is relatively stable, and the impact of eating is small, so the best measurement is before breakfast.

  2, measure your weight once a week. Because the daily habits or daily activities of the seven days of the week will be different, it will also affect the change of weight, so take a week as a small cycle and choose one in a week.A fixed day sometimes says Sunday to measure weight and avoid interference with living habits.

Experts also pointed out that weight is affected by many factors, and the body’s metabolism is a slow process, so the weight loss effect will not affect the change due to a short period of one or two days. If we pay more attention to weight every day, we will be flustered and even suspect that we lose weight.The effect, therefore, the scientific measurement of body weight is best once a week.

  3, combined with other indicators to see the effect of weight loss to adhere to the effect of good weight loss there are generally four – slight rate, weight, moisture rate, the circumference of the body parts (especially the waist circumference).

The combination of these four indicators can fully reflect a person’s weight loss results.

Therefore, a single weight-loss method that focuses on weight is wrong and unscientific.

  4, healthy weight loss rate: 1 to 2 pounds per week to lose weight the fundamental purpose is to reduce the aunt, the body in the general case of their own decomposition of the aunt’s speed is not so fast, a week to lose 1 to 2 pounds is the healthThe speed of weight loss.

But once this normal speed is exceeded, don’t expect to lose your stomach. This is more of a loss of valuable muscles that are broken down and water lost.

At this time, the body’s metabolism is degraded or disordered, resulting in greatly reduced body consumption. If the lost muscles are not replenished, then weight loss will become more and more difficult and the weight will be difficult to maintain.

  5. Correctly look at the effect of the physiological cycle on body weight. Women often change their body weight before and after the onset of the physiological cycle.

Under normal circumstances, one week before the physiological period, due to the influence of hormones, water retention will accumulate in the body, and the body weight will increase; in other time, the water will return to the normal level; within one week after the end of the physiological period, due toMetabolism is getting faster, and weight changes are more obvious.

In general, the body weight will change from 1 to 6 kg during the physiological cycle, so female friends don’t have to worry about reducing the weight loss results, or even completely care about the weight of this blood sugar, because this is the effect of estrogen in the body, not sputum.

  6, correctly look at the various stages of weight change trends in the different weight loss stages, the same weight loss method will also make your weight changes.

For those weight-loss methods that use a single diet for dieting, there is a significant loss of weight in the early stages of weight loss, but in the later stages, the metabolism slows down, the muscles are lost, or the weight loss method is relaxed, etc.The consumption is gradually reduced and the weight loss is also very slow.

In addition, in the process of weight loss, the body can make the weight drop quickly at the beginning stage due to the different water combined with the decomposition of various substances or the automatic adjustment of the body, but gradually reduce the weight beyond the rate of decline.And slow down.

  7, the same weight, different effects “the weight has not changed, but the pants are loose” This situation is very common.

This is due to the fact that the substance in the body is different under the same weight.

Many times, the body is sputum, it looks fat, but if the body’s sputum is replaced by muscle, then it looks very thin, very tight, that is the truth.

Experts say that under the same weight, people with more muscles will look much thinner and more likely to lose weight.

The same is true for people who use dehydration and weight loss. The usual weight is just water in the body rather than tiny, and it is easy to rebound because the water is very easy to replenish.

  Therefore, we can not only look at the weight to judge the results of weight loss, properly combined with other indicators to determine, in order to timely correct the wrong way to lose weight, improve weight loss efficiency, so that weight loss is reduced.