The fingers are long and barbed, tearing the pain, not tearing and uncomfortable?

Eat these 4 kinds of foods to prevent!

The fingers are long and barbed, tearing the pain, not tearing and uncomfortable?
Eat these 4 kinds of foods to prevent!

Long barbs on the fingers are a common phenomenon that almost everyone has encountered, especially in the dry season of autumn and winter, it is easier to grow barbed.

Long barbed, can not help but want to tear . so-called barbed, is actually a common name, the medical term is called “reverse stripping”, refers to the reverse exfoliation of the epidermis around the nail.

The main manifestation is that the epidermis around the nail is cracked and disengaged in a triangular shape.

In general, barbs are caused by cracking of the stratum corneum due to dry skin and a sign of vitamin E deficiency in the body.

Therefore, strengthening finger skin care and vitamin supplementation are fundamental to preventing barbs.




The supplement of human vitamins mainly grows vegetables and fruits.

What is the daily intake of vitamin E required by an adult?
10mg, which fruits and vegetables replace vitamin E?

Mulberry mulberry is sweet, sour, and cold.

Among fruits, mulberry has the most vitamin E.

Among them, mulberry (dry) contains vitamin E32.

68 mg.

Mulberry also has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, benefiting edema, soothing the nerves, nourishing blood, black hair, anti-aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat and enhancing immunity.

The grape skin is thin and juicy, sweet and sour, rich in nutrients, and has the reputation of “crystal pearl”.

It can fight against free radicals and prevent free radical damage to human cells.

Grapes contain vitamin E and contain about 0 per 100 grams of fresh grapes.

7 mg.

With qi and blood, Yigan kidney, Shengjin, diuretic, cough and other effects.

Regular grape consumption is helpful for neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

Kiwifruit Kiwifruit is a nutritious fruit rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and carotene. It has anti-aging, clearing the stomach and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Because of its multiple functions and effects, kiwifruit is known as the “king of the fruit”.

In addition, the vitamins of kiwifruit are rich in dietary fiber, but the amount of kiwifruit is reduced, which has certain effects on bodybuilding and beauty.

Carrot and carrot are a kind of home-grown vegetables with a crispy taste and rich nutrition.

Carotene helps maintain the normal function of skin cells, reduces skin wrinkles, stimulates skin metabolism, and keeps skin moist and delicate.

In addition to vitamin A, the signature nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin E also have the effect of moisturizing the skin and resisting aging.

Dry in autumn and winter, long barbs are very common.

Use a nail clipper to dispose of the barbs, apply hand cream, strengthen hand care, usually pay attention to eat more of these foods, add enough vitamin E, you can prevent the occurrence of barbs.

Cellulite can drink tea

Cellulite can drink tea

Drinking tea to lose weight is very attractive to lazy people.

Think about it, anyway, drink tea every day, why not choose a tea that can lose weight.


Cellulite oolong tea composition: 18 grams of horns, 30 grams of Polygonum, 18 grams of winter melon, 15 grams of hawthorn, 6 grams of oolong tea: above the first 4 flavors first add water to fry, to slag, brew oolong tea with its boiling soup.

  Indications: cellulite and manure.

Suitable for hyperlipidemia, obesity, etc.


Hawthorn kernel lotus leaf tea composition: 10 grams of raw hawthorn, 10 grams of raw coix seed, 60 grams of dried lotus leaf, 5 grams of orange peel: the above 4 flavors are researched into coarse powder, brewed with boiling water as tea.

  Indications: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and calming the liver.

Indications for high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood pressure.


Hawthorn silver chrysanthemum tea composition: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of silver flower method: first break the hawthorn, then add water and decoction with chrysanthemum, silver flower, take juice, 1 time a day.

  Indications: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and calming the liver.
Indications for high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood pressure.


Mulberry tea composition: 20 grams of tender mulberry.

Cut into thin slices and brew with boiling water.

Take 1 time a day, even for 3 days.

  Indications: rheumatism, water and gas.

Indications for obesity.


Erchen Tang (with “茯白散” composition: Cassia, Hawthorn, lotus leaf, dried tangerine peel, Pinellia, medlar, licorice, Chusongzi, tea method: take appropriate amount, brew with boiling water when tea.

  Indications: Adjust the function of spleen and stomach transport, enhance the vitality of slightly decomposing enzymes, and accelerate the decomposition and utilization of human body by adults.

Among them, the addition of the ancient “茯白散” ingredients, as well as beauty and beauty effects.

Such as Kang’s slimming beauty skin tea is such products.

The simplest and most effective curve shaping operation

The simplest and most effective curve shaping operation


Shape sexy shoulders – lift your arms to lift your shoulders.

  Posture: The elbow is bent at 90 degrees, the upper arm muscles are tense, and the palm is facing inward; the body leans forward slightly.

Slowly lift the elbow joint until it is shoulder-high, from bottom to top; repeat the exercise 8 times.


Eliminate Butterfly Sleeves – Practice your front, shoulders and forearms with one hand.

  Posture: Correct, holding a dumbbell weighing 5 pounds in the left hand, the feet are the same width as the shoulders, aiming to relax and slightly bend; put the right hand on the table or chair, and straighten the left hand toward the ground, palmInside; bend the elbows, lift the dumbbells and dumbbells at the same height, bottom-up; repeat the exercise 8 times, then change direction.


Destroy the butterfly sleeves – lean forward and practice your front, back and arms.

  Posture: Hold one dumbbell in each hand, the feet are separated from the hips, the legs are slightly curved; the elbows are bent, the shoulders are forced to force the posture of the boxer, and the position is right; the right hand, the palm down, feel yourselfJust punch forward with your fist, regain your right hand, then repeat the left hand to repeat the action; both hands take turns, each doing 20 times.


Shape the beautiful front end – gradually tilt the muscles above the back end.

  Posture: Lying face down on the floor, relax with both hands and legs, straighten; slowly lift the right arm and left leg, mentioning the place where the attempt is high (make the arms and legs to maximize the distance).

  Do it from the bottom up.

Then do it in another direction; do it 12 times on each side.

A classic prescription that helps to eliminate age spots

A classic prescription that helps to eliminate age spots

Relatives at home told me a way to “vinegar soaked eggs”, in addition to age spots, you can try.

  Method: Take 180 ml of old vinegar into a jar, then put a washed raw egg into the soak.

Two days later, the eggshell is softened. Use a needle to puncture a hole in the top of the egg. Discharge the egg white into a small bottle and put it in the refrigerator. Take a little egg white on the spot every day, 5?
Wash off after 10 minutes.

I insisted on using every second, the spots really faded.

This method is economical.

  The egg white has the health-care effect of nourishing and nourishing yin. The vinegar is acidic, has certain corrosion and exfoliation.

The principle of vinegar soaked egg whitening is to remove the rust effect of vinegar. At the same time, add egg white, irritating buffer and substitute for vinegar, and prevent excessive stimulation caused by direct contact with vinegar.

  Age spots are formed by seborrheic keratosis of the skin and belong to a pigment plaque, so this method of exfoliation may have a certain effect.

  However, there are two points to be aware of during use: First, prevent excessive skin irritation.

If the skin appears red, swollen, burning, itching and other irritating symptoms, indicating that the concentration of vinegar is too high, you need to replace it before you can continue to use; if the symptoms still do not relieve after replacement, it may be skin allergies, need to stop using immediately.

  Second, keep it clean.

This method is a traditional folk prescription. It is recommended to use it according to individual circumstances. Pay attention to hygiene when using it. Keep the vinegar egg liquid for too long to prevent bacteria from growing.

Qiujie Festival: Beware of colds, suffering from diseases and skin allergies

Qiujie Festival: Beware of colds, suffering from diseases and skin allergies

At 5:19 on the 23rd, the autumn equinox of the twenty-four solar terms was ushered in.

On this day, the sun goes straight to the equator, forming a day and night, and is divided into 12 hours a day and night.

Experts remind that by the arrival of the autumn season, the speed of speed reduction will be significantly accelerated. The public should prepare the seasonal autumn season to prevent colds and prevent the invasion of diseases.

  Astronomical experts said that entering the “autumn” solar terms, cold air will gradually become active, and the chances of “autumn tigers” appearing will become smaller and smaller.

The farmer said: “A cold autumn rains, ten autumn rains are good to wear cotton” “Bai Luqiu night, one night cold night”.

  Health expert Zhang Dongsheng reminded that by the arrival of the autumnal festival, the speed of temperature reduction will be significantly accelerated, and the public should be prepared to change the season’s autumn clothes.

Especially in the elderly, the metabolic function is reduced, the blood circulation is slowed down, and it is both cold and hot. It is very sensitive to weather changes and can thicken clothes at the right time.

Cool in the morning and evening, don’t let the “back” and “heart” cool, if necessary, you can wear a wool vest or a vest.

  Health experts also reminded that after the autumn equinox, the climate is getting colder. At this time, the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to cold stimulation. If improper protection, not paying attention to diet and daily life, it will cause gastrointestinal disease and bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain.Wait for symptoms, or make the original stomach worse.

Therefore, people with chronic gastritis should pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach at this time, add clothes at the right time, cover them to cover them, so as not to catch cold.

  In addition, there must be regularity in the diet, hygiene, taste is light, of course, it is also important to maintain optimism and strengthen physical exercise.

  Experts say that patients with allergies should be alert to skin diseases. The Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Dermatology, Guangxi Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Affiliated Hospital reminded that the transitional season from hot to cold is the timing of skin disease episodes, such as eczema, acute measles, and sensitive patients should be guarded.Prevent the occurrence of these skin diseases.

  On the day of the dermatology clinic, the deputy director said that the patient who came to the dermatology department of the hospital recently saw eczema, dermatitis, urticaria and other skin diseases, and the average daily outpatient volume was more than 100, including acute measles.About 10-20 person/days.

  In the autumn, how to prevent basic health care in patients with dermatological patients, Zhong deputy director suggested: “Skin patients should have regular life, do not overeating, while paying attention to rest, to avoid immunity caused by fatigue transitionDecline, giving the bacteria a chance to invade.

  Beware of acute urticaria in the autumn season. The cause of acute measles is very complicated. The clinical manifestations are different from the general mosquito bites, dermatitis and other symptoms. Once a person with allergic constitution has severe measles, the skin will have obvious wind mass.After a few hours, it can subside, with varying degrees of itching, but it will recur.

With mosquito bites, erythema, papules, and blisters appear differently.

  Acute measles is divided into acute acute measles, acute and other acute measles. In addition, there are special types of urticaria. For example, dry urticaria is a special type of urticaria, which is easy to occur when the weather turns cold. Therefore, the weather is getting cold in the autumnal period.People with sensitive physique need to pay more attention to the occurrence of acute measles.

  Patients with acute measles are related to the physical condition of acute measles when they are away from allergens. Allergic constitution is the most common endogenous factor for acute measles. In addition, food, drugs, infection, ingestion, physical and chemical factors, genetic factors, mental factors, endocrine and other systemic diseases, etc. have the possibility of inducing acute measles.

  Guangxi is located in the hot and humid area of the south. The flowers and plants are in full bloom. The trees are prosperous longer than the north. Therefore, people with allergies should avoid contact with trees and flowers and avoid the absorption of pollen.

Patients with acute measles should not eat foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, beef, mushrooms, strawberries, bamboo shoots, etc. if they have allergies to certain foods, especially proteins.

  Dust, chemical substances can also cause urticaria. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Changgang Road, Nanning City, suffered from urticaria six months ago, and scattered wind masses on her torso limbs.

When I came to the dermatology examination half a year ago, I found that Ms. Zhang was sensitive to the sensitivity of dust. It happened that the construction of the Changgang section during the period caused the dust to fly all over the sky. Later, under the doctor’s prescription, Ms. Zhang took it on time, and her condition has improved significantly.

  In addition, some chemicals kill insecticide sprays, pesticides, gas, ammonia, benzene, etc., may cause urticaria after contact or inhalation, and the wind does not catch the rinse. The skin that is suffering from measles will be itchy.The doctor is outstanding, do not catch the wind, and after scratching and stimulating, the itch will become fruitless, while the blockiness of the wind will become larger; in addition, the stimulation with hot water will aggravate the symptoms.

Therefore, skin irritation should be minimized.

  In response to the phenomenon that some patients went to the pharmacy to buy some ointment smear, Zhong deputy director said that a large number of ointments are not cured, some topical dermatitis ointments can only temporarily relieve the effect, the probability of recurrent episodes is high, if you want to cureIt is best to take medicine from the hospital for scientific treatment.

How to reduce the fat of the abdomen 7 small tricks farewell to the small belly

How to reduce the fat of the abdomen 7 small tricks farewell to the small belly

Beware of the widespread spread of popular dieting networks that lead to information explosions, and the ubiquitous ways to lose weight are everywhere.

College students are a very active group, and their ability to accept new things is particularly strong. Therefore, all kinds of Chinese medicine weight loss methods will be popular in female dormitory.

However, it should be reminded that many methods of weight loss have no scientific basis, and the results can be imagined.

Regular, adequate sleep Some college students MM like to stay up late, and the next morning they have to get up early to class, leading to lack of sleep; or sleep too long during the day, sleep late at night, causing black and white upside down.

Scientific research has found that people who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to gain weight than those who sleep more than seven hours; irregular sleep leads to hormonal changes in regulatory fatigue.

The normal diet is the most slimming in the morning to sleep at 7:30, then rushed to get up and wash, then rushed to the classroom all the way, after a morning of mental work, less than lunch time, but already eager to eat a meal; a meal at noonAfter that, I almost didn’t want to eat at night; I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and I ate high-conversion snacks.

Weight loss experts recommend that breakfast should be simple, lunch will not overeating, dinner moderate amount of insomnia can eat some fruit before going to bed, punch the oatmeal and so on.

Breakfast is indispensable because of the late night, there is no time to eat breakfast, over time, I forgot to eat breakfast, especially in winter, it is more convenient for college students MM.

Nutritionists say that when you don’t eat your own meal, your body becomes aging.

Once you are hungry and can’t bear it, you will grab something to eat, and you lose the sanity of food choice when you are full.

It’s all about snacks. The latest research proves that for young girls, the beginning of obesity is snacks.

Sitting in front of the dormitory computer, chatting about QQ, playing Weibo, watching American drama, eating melon seeds, eating potato chips, eating chocolate. If you really love snacks, then prepare some snacks in advance, thinkEat and eat a little.

But remember, don’t prepare too many snacks for yourself. Drink a glass of water or tea before eating snacks to help shape your body.

Develop healthy habits Everything in our daily lives is closely related to weight loss. Every choice you make determines whether weight loss can be successful.

For example, watching TV, eating snacks while playing computer, and overeating when you are in a bad mood, these common habits are the cause of your obesity.

Students who do not eat diet pills like to buy slimming tea and diet pills, but these are too much damage to the body, especially the stomach?
And eating may rebound, people will not have the spirit, nausea, dizziness, and easy to develop a sense of dependence, and some people later produced constipation, bleak!

Wear clothes and then exercise to protect joints from getting sick

Wear clothes and then exercise to protect joints from getting sick

Core Tip: After the rehabilitation work, urbanites like to go to the gym to exercise, so in the gym, everyone wears a variety of colors: some people wear leather shoes, tie on the treadmill to exercise; others wear slippers, even barefootEquipment practice; there are people wearing skirts to jump aerobics. Nowadays, more and more people are exercising, and how to dress during fitness has become a concern of people.

Experts pointed out: fitness dress can be more casual, but it must be scientific.

  In the gym, people’s dress can be described as various: some people wear leather shoes and tie on the treadmill; others wear slippers and even barefoot exercises; others wear gym shoes, skirts to jump aerobics.Decent shoes and clothes have support and protection for sports.

  The above dressing, not only can not protect the relevant parts during fitness, but also may cause harm to the human body, so the fitness person must solve this problem.

  Sports different clothing different ball sports – wear the corresponding sportswear: tennis should wear tennis clothes, basketball should wear basketball clothes, this is because different sports have different characteristics.

For example, in basketball, the movement of the upper limbs is increased. Therefore, the basketball uniforms are very loose in cutting, and the neckline and cuffs are also very wide.

If you wear a basketball uniform to play tennis, it is not elegant enough.

  In the winter, ball sports are generally required to wear long sportswear and sweatpants. If you finish the ball, you should replace it in time. Otherwise, wearing wet clothes will be easy to get sick by cold wind.

  Mountaineering-sportswear+Jeans: If you are a mountaineer, you should consider sportswear and jeans as your first choice when choosing clothes. The sportswear is soft, the jeans are elastic, rough and thick, which is good for climbing and walking.It can also give people a soft and soft, relaxed and lively beauty.

  Yoga – cotton breathable clothes: If you are a yoga enthusiast, clothing must penetrate the loose cotton clothes.

Breathing training on tight-fitting fitness clothing has an adverse effect.

  Aerobics – flexible sportswear: People who like to jump aerobics can replace elastic sportswear, so that movement is not bound.

Cotton clothing absorbs sweat and is suitable for sports wear.

Some people want to lose weight and like to wear plastic tights. In fact, this is very limited to help with weight loss.

  Plastic tights can make people sweat a lot during exercise, but the weight that is relieved is easy to rebound.

In addition, this kind of clothes will hinder physical activity and affect the exercise effect.

  Equipment sports – elastic vest + loose shorts: men who love to do equipment sports wear tight-fitting elastic vests as well, with loose shorts, do not tie the belt.

It is best to wear a wristband and a waistband when pushing the barbell.

  In addition, the fabric, texture and movement of the garment are also related.

Usually, most sportswear requires sweat-absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable functions; outdoor sportswear generally requires wind, water, and UV resistance.

  Winter outdoor exercise should be three-layered in winter. People with weak physical fitness should go out to exercise. Keep warm in the dress and resist the cold in winter. It must be breathable and can discharge the sweat from the movement in time.

Experts suggest that people with weak constitutions should have the best “three-tier dress” for outdoor exercise in winter.

  The first layer – the inner layer of perspiration layer: underwear selects quick-drying underwear.

Winter sports often feel cold, because the body sweats, soaked cotton underwear, can not quickly wick away sweat, thus increasing the possibility of catching a cold.

Quick-drying clothes can quickly drain moisture and sweat to the surface of the inner layer of clothing, so that the sweat does not directly evaporate on the surface of the skin, thus avoiding the surface temperature of the skin being reduced by the absorption and absorption of sweat.

  Quick-drying clothing is mostly made of some materials with high water conductivity.

  The second layer – the middle layer of warm layer: the fleece is very suitable for people with weak constitution to wear when exercising.

Some people think that the fleece is a chemical fiber fabric, and it is not good for the skin, but it is not.

The fleece is a new type of chemical fiber fabric. Wearing a fleece, it can form an air layer gathered in the clothes to achieve the effect of contacting the outside cold air and maintaining body temperature.

  It is both warm and lightweight, yet soft and dry, making it ideal for outings.

  The third layer – the outer layer of the protective layer: winter does not hinder the fashion, wear a jacket.

When the wind is blowing, wearing a fleece can’t resist the wind blowing, and it is easy to catch cold after the exercise. Preparing a jacket can solve this problem.

  The jacket can be windproof, warm and breathable. In addition to minimizing the impact of the harsh weather on the body, it can also replace the sweat produced by the body, avoiding the condensation of sweat in the middle layer and preventing it from reducing the heat insulation effect.Resist low temperature or cold wind from the outside environment.

  Sportswear selection principle hot weather – wear lightweight cotton.

It absorbs sweat and precipitates moisture evaporation, thus maintaining normal body temperature.

  Steep weather – cotton wool.

It is absorbent and breathable, and many suitable.

  Cold season – wear thin multi-layered clothes.Multi-layered garments have a stronger insulation capacity than single-layered garments, and can take off a few layers of clothing when you feel hot during exercise.

Wearing cotton fabrics outside is not as good as wearing leather and wool.

Wear a hat and gloves to prevent physical injury.

How to eat high blood sugar, eat 3 kinds of food

How to eat high blood sugar, eat 3 kinds of food

Coarse grains: Generally, the staple foods are often eaten with coarse grains and legumes. The coarse grains that can be eaten are: sugar rice can transform sugar, buckwheat can lower blood sugar, and oats, black rice, and glutinous rice can reduce complications.

Bean food: Soybeans can lower blood sugar and urine sugar, black beans can regulate blood sugar metabolism, mung bean can treat diabetes, cowpea promotes metabolic secretion, and strengthens sugar metabolism.

The original precious fruit: the original precious fruit can adjust the body’s metabolic function, so that its own supplement can be restored and fully function, so that blood sugar can be absorbed and utilized by the body tissue cells, so that blood sugar is reduced.The purpose of long-term stable and comprehensive control of blood sugar allows the human body to permanently replace its secreted insulin to break down blood sugar.

Yuanzhen Xiangtian is a pure natural plant fruit, originated from the Solomon Islands virgin forest in the South Pacific, belonging to the genus Polygonaceae, with scarce production and precious left and right.

It is mainly used to regulate diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, endocrine disorders, etc. Long-term use can improve body function, improve body immune function, strengthen solids, activate cells, prevent and delay aging, and have great complications to the human body.

Yuanzhen is cool to the fruit, heat, convergence, bitter taste, glutinous, without any impurities, is a very rare plant.

According to the “Malaysia Herbal Medicine Catalogue”, it is bitter, astringent, cool, and antipyretic, and it is strong and strong!

Its seeds are inherited: diabetes, high blood pressure.

Dragon fruit eats hot body

Dragon fruit eats hot body

Many people like to eat dragon fruit, which has high nutritional value, but most people don’t understand it.

Today, we will talk about the weight loss effect of dragon fruit, and it will make you feel hot.

  The nutritional value of dragon fruit The nutrients in dragon fruit are very rich. Eating this fruit is very helpful in reducing the body’s feces and cholesterol.

In addition, carotene in dragon fruit is an antioxidant expert, can strengthen the body’s movements, help the body to improve metabolism, and effectively enhance the effect of weight loss.

  Pitaya contains a lot of supplemental fiber, which is also an important substance for weight loss.

Because a lot of cellulose can increase our satiety, effectively reduce appetite and resist aging.

It can usually promote the smoothness and excretion of the gastrointestinal tract, and discharge the garbage and toxic substances accumulated in the body to help accumulate in the body.

People who want to lose weight should insist on eating dragon fruit for a long time.

Dragon fruit also contains an ingredient called anthocyanin, which resists aging and tries to slow down the metabolism.

  Understand the nutritional value of dragon fruit and the effect of weight loss, the following is to introduce its various nutritional methods, so that we can not only enjoy her sweet taste, but also easily let the body slim down.

  First, the dragon fruit juice is peeled and cut into pieces, then put into the juicer, and the right amount of water is squeezed into a delicious dragon juice, which can be next to the breakfast, or when there is a high temperature in the work, itThe trace amount is very low, not only can supplement the body nutrition, but also reduce the effect of weight loss, effectively reduce appetite and aunt, is a very recommended slimming drink.

  Second, the dragon fruit shrimp this dish is very thin and welcome, because it is not only delicious, but more importantly, the conversion is still very low.

The material is very simple, prepare a dragon fruit, fresh shrimp, cooking oil, egg white, starch, celery, shallots and a small amount of MSG and salt.

  Peel the shrimp into a bowl and marinate it with salt. Then remove it and put it into the prepared egg white. Add the starch and stir it clockwise for a while. Finally, pour a little bit of cooking oil and gently mix it.,spare.

Next, pour some of the cooking oil into the pan and heat it. Quickly pour the freshly cooked shrimp into the pan and stir fry a few times.

Put the oil and heat again, then fry the prepared celery sticks and dragon fruit pieces and a little chopped green onion, and then stir the shrimps again and cook them together.

  Third, dragon fruit glutinous rice cake This is a very popular dessert.

Prepare a dragon fruit, a small amount of ebony, cucumber pieces, honey and glutinous rice cake.

First take the dragon fruit meat and cut it into pieces, then take out the ebony meat, then put the cucumber pieces, glutinous rice cakes and the prepared dragon fruit pieces and ebony meat into the dragon fruit shell, add the right amount of honey according to your own taste.Just do this dragon fruit cake with good weight loss effect.

  Summary: Ok, after reading the introduction of this dragon fruit, do you know how good its use is? In fact, fruit can be described as a great weapon for weight loss.

As long as you use it reasonably, you can definitely achieve the purpose of losing weight. Well, those sisters who love dragon fruit should act quickly.

Daily rest also needs to pay attention to the rhythm

Daily rest also needs to pay attention to the rhythm

Being happy to rest is the cornerstone of health, but in life, people often do not have enough rest.

The latest issue of the American “Beautiful Home” magazine teaches you to be healthy and rest in rhythm.


Close your eyes every hour for two or three minutes.

  Jonathan, director of the Institute of Stress Research at Roosevelt University in the United States?


Smith said that rest is not necessarily lengthy.

Working for 1 hour, two or three minutes of closing your eyes will cause miraculous effects.


Listen to music every day and enjoy a 20-minute hot bath.

  Esser, a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health?

Stadtberg recommends that you calm down and listen to music every day, close your eyes, drink a cup of hot tea with honey, or enjoy a 20-minute hot bath to relieve fatigue.


Take a full rest every week for 1 day and share your family with your family.

  Health expert Lynn?


Babu said that at least one day a week, say goodbye to work, go shopping with the family or go out to the tunnel.


Enjoy 1 hour of professional massage every month.

  Tiffany, director of the Institute of Tactile Studies at the University of Miami School of Medicine?

Dr. Field said that massage can drive away worries and increase the level of dopamine in the body, making people feel more relaxed.


Relax at least once a year.

  At least a few days a year, it’s easy to go out on vacation.

Take a nap, flip through the magazines, take a stroll on the beach, and enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner.