Qiujie Festival: Beware of colds, suffering from diseases and skin allergies

Qiujie Festival: Beware of colds, suffering from diseases and skin allergies

At 5:19 on the 23rd, the autumn equinox of the twenty-four solar terms was ushered in.

On this day, the sun goes straight to the equator, forming a day and night, and is divided into 12 hours a day and night.

Experts remind that by the arrival of the autumn season, the speed of speed reduction will be significantly accelerated. The public should prepare the seasonal autumn season to prevent colds and prevent the invasion of diseases.

  Astronomical experts said that entering the “autumn” solar terms, cold air will gradually become active, and the chances of “autumn tigers” appearing will become smaller and smaller.

The farmer said: “A cold autumn rains, ten autumn rains are good to wear cotton” “Bai Luqiu night, one night cold night”.

  Health expert Zhang Dongsheng reminded that by the arrival of the autumnal festival, the speed of temperature reduction will be significantly accelerated, and the public should be prepared to change the season’s autumn clothes.

Especially in the elderly, the metabolic function is reduced, the blood circulation is slowed down, and it is both cold and hot. It is very sensitive to weather changes and can thicken clothes at the right time.

Cool in the morning and evening, don’t let the “back” and “heart” cool, if necessary, you can wear a wool vest or a vest.

  Health experts also reminded that after the autumn equinox, the climate is getting colder. At this time, the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to cold stimulation. If improper protection, not paying attention to diet and daily life, it will cause gastrointestinal disease and bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain.Wait for symptoms, or make the original stomach worse.

Therefore, people with chronic gastritis should pay special attention to the warmth of the stomach at this time, add clothes at the right time, cover them to cover them, so as not to catch cold.

  In addition, there must be regularity in the diet, hygiene, taste is light, of course, it is also important to maintain optimism and strengthen physical exercise.

  Experts say that patients with allergies should be alert to skin diseases. The Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Dermatology, Guangxi Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Affiliated Hospital reminded that the transitional season from hot to cold is the timing of skin disease episodes, such as eczema, acute measles, and sensitive patients should be guarded.Prevent the occurrence of these skin diseases.

  On the day of the dermatology clinic, the deputy director said that the patient who came to the dermatology department of the hospital recently saw eczema, dermatitis, urticaria and other skin diseases, and the average daily outpatient volume was more than 100, including acute measles.About 10-20 person/days.

  In the autumn, how to prevent basic health care in patients with dermatological patients, Zhong deputy director suggested: “Skin patients should have regular life, do not overeating, while paying attention to rest, to avoid immunity caused by fatigue transitionDecline, giving the bacteria a chance to invade.

  Beware of acute urticaria in the autumn season. The cause of acute measles is very complicated. The clinical manifestations are different from the general mosquito bites, dermatitis and other symptoms. Once a person with allergic constitution has severe measles, the skin will have obvious wind mass.After a few hours, it can subside, with varying degrees of itching, but it will recur.

With mosquito bites, erythema, papules, and blisters appear differently.

  Acute measles is divided into acute acute measles, acute and other acute measles. In addition, there are special types of urticaria. For example, dry urticaria is a special type of urticaria, which is easy to occur when the weather turns cold. Therefore, the weather is getting cold in the autumnal period.People with sensitive physique need to pay more attention to the occurrence of acute measles.

  Patients with acute measles are related to the physical condition of acute measles when they are away from allergens. Allergic constitution is the most common endogenous factor for acute measles. In addition, food, drugs, infection, ingestion, physical and chemical factors, genetic factors, mental factors, endocrine and other systemic diseases, etc. have the possibility of inducing acute measles.

  Guangxi is located in the hot and humid area of the south. The flowers and plants are in full bloom. The trees are prosperous longer than the north. Therefore, people with allergies should avoid contact with trees and flowers and avoid the absorption of pollen.

Patients with acute measles should not eat foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, beef, mushrooms, strawberries, bamboo shoots, etc. if they have allergies to certain foods, especially proteins.

  Dust, chemical substances can also cause urticaria. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Changgang Road, Nanning City, suffered from urticaria six months ago, and scattered wind masses on her torso limbs.

When I came to the dermatology examination half a year ago, I found that Ms. Zhang was sensitive to the sensitivity of dust. It happened that the construction of the Changgang section during the period caused the dust to fly all over the sky. Later, under the doctor’s prescription, Ms. Zhang took it on time, and her condition has improved significantly.

  In addition, some chemicals kill insecticide sprays, pesticides, gas, ammonia, benzene, etc., may cause urticaria after contact or inhalation, and the wind does not catch the rinse. The skin that is suffering from measles will be itchy.The doctor is outstanding, do not catch the wind, and after scratching and stimulating, the itch will become fruitless, while the blockiness of the wind will become larger; in addition, the stimulation with hot water will aggravate the symptoms.

Therefore, skin irritation should be minimized.

  In response to the phenomenon that some patients went to the pharmacy to buy some ointment smear, Zhong deputy director said that a large number of ointments are not cured, some topical dermatitis ointments can only temporarily relieve the effect, the probability of recurrent episodes is high, if you want to cureIt is best to take medicine from the hospital for scientific treatment.