Wear clothes and then exercise to protect joints from getting sick

Wear clothes and then exercise to protect joints from getting sick

Core Tip: After the rehabilitation work, urbanites like to go to the gym to exercise, so in the gym, everyone wears a variety of colors: some people wear leather shoes, tie on the treadmill to exercise; others wear slippers, even barefootEquipment practice; there are people wearing skirts to jump aerobics. Nowadays, more and more people are exercising, and how to dress during fitness has become a concern of people.

Experts pointed out: fitness dress can be more casual, but it must be scientific.

  In the gym, people’s dress can be described as various: some people wear leather shoes and tie on the treadmill; others wear slippers and even barefoot exercises; others wear gym shoes, skirts to jump aerobics.Decent shoes and clothes have support and protection for sports.

  The above dressing, not only can not protect the relevant parts during fitness, but also may cause harm to the human body, so the fitness person must solve this problem.

  Sports different clothing different ball sports – wear the corresponding sportswear: tennis should wear tennis clothes, basketball should wear basketball clothes, this is because different sports have different characteristics.

For example, in basketball, the movement of the upper limbs is increased. Therefore, the basketball uniforms are very loose in cutting, and the neckline and cuffs are also very wide.

If you wear a basketball uniform to play tennis, it is not elegant enough.

  In the winter, ball sports are generally required to wear long sportswear and sweatpants. If you finish the ball, you should replace it in time. Otherwise, wearing wet clothes will be easy to get sick by cold wind.

  Mountaineering-sportswear+Jeans: If you are a mountaineer, you should consider sportswear and jeans as your first choice when choosing clothes. The sportswear is soft, the jeans are elastic, rough and thick, which is good for climbing and walking.It can also give people a soft and soft, relaxed and lively beauty.

  Yoga – cotton breathable clothes: If you are a yoga enthusiast, clothing must penetrate the loose cotton clothes.

Breathing training on tight-fitting fitness clothing has an adverse effect.

  Aerobics – flexible sportswear: People who like to jump aerobics can replace elastic sportswear, so that movement is not bound.

Cotton clothing absorbs sweat and is suitable for sports wear.

Some people want to lose weight and like to wear plastic tights. In fact, this is very limited to help with weight loss.

  Plastic tights can make people sweat a lot during exercise, but the weight that is relieved is easy to rebound.

In addition, this kind of clothes will hinder physical activity and affect the exercise effect.

  Equipment sports – elastic vest + loose shorts: men who love to do equipment sports wear tight-fitting elastic vests as well, with loose shorts, do not tie the belt.

It is best to wear a wristband and a waistband when pushing the barbell.

  In addition, the fabric, texture and movement of the garment are also related.

Usually, most sportswear requires sweat-absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable functions; outdoor sportswear generally requires wind, water, and UV resistance.

  Winter outdoor exercise should be three-layered in winter. People with weak physical fitness should go out to exercise. Keep warm in the dress and resist the cold in winter. It must be breathable and can discharge the sweat from the movement in time.

Experts suggest that people with weak constitutions should have the best “three-tier dress” for outdoor exercise in winter.

  The first layer – the inner layer of perspiration layer: underwear selects quick-drying underwear.

Winter sports often feel cold, because the body sweats, soaked cotton underwear, can not quickly wick away sweat, thus increasing the possibility of catching a cold.

Quick-drying clothes can quickly drain moisture and sweat to the surface of the inner layer of clothing, so that the sweat does not directly evaporate on the surface of the skin, thus avoiding the surface temperature of the skin being reduced by the absorption and absorption of sweat.

  Quick-drying clothing is mostly made of some materials with high water conductivity.

  The second layer – the middle layer of warm layer: the fleece is very suitable for people with weak constitution to wear when exercising.

Some people think that the fleece is a chemical fiber fabric, and it is not good for the skin, but it is not.

The fleece is a new type of chemical fiber fabric. Wearing a fleece, it can form an air layer gathered in the clothes to achieve the effect of contacting the outside cold air and maintaining body temperature.

  It is both warm and lightweight, yet soft and dry, making it ideal for outings.

  The third layer – the outer layer of the protective layer: winter does not hinder the fashion, wear a jacket.

When the wind is blowing, wearing a fleece can’t resist the wind blowing, and it is easy to catch cold after the exercise. Preparing a jacket can solve this problem.

  The jacket can be windproof, warm and breathable. In addition to minimizing the impact of the harsh weather on the body, it can also replace the sweat produced by the body, avoiding the condensation of sweat in the middle layer and preventing it from reducing the heat insulation effect.Resist low temperature or cold wind from the outside environment.

  Sportswear selection principle hot weather – wear lightweight cotton.

It absorbs sweat and precipitates moisture evaporation, thus maintaining normal body temperature.

  Steep weather – cotton wool.

It is absorbent and breathable, and many suitable.

  Cold season – wear thin multi-layered clothes.Multi-layered garments have a stronger insulation capacity than single-layered garments, and can take off a few layers of clothing when you feel hot during exercise.

Wearing cotton fabrics outside is not as good as wearing leather and wool.

Wear a hat and gloves to prevent physical injury.