Daily rest also needs to pay attention to the rhythm

Daily rest also needs to pay attention to the rhythm

Being happy to rest is the cornerstone of health, but in life, people often do not have enough rest.

The latest issue of the American “Beautiful Home” magazine teaches you to be healthy and rest in rhythm.


Close your eyes every hour for two or three minutes.

  Jonathan, director of the Institute of Stress Research at Roosevelt University in the United States?


Smith said that rest is not necessarily lengthy.

Working for 1 hour, two or three minutes of closing your eyes will cause miraculous effects.


Listen to music every day and enjoy a 20-minute hot bath.

  Esser, a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health?

Stadtberg recommends that you calm down and listen to music every day, close your eyes, drink a cup of hot tea with honey, or enjoy a 20-minute hot bath to relieve fatigue.


Take a full rest every week for 1 day and share your family with your family.

  Health expert Lynn?


Babu said that at least one day a week, say goodbye to work, go shopping with the family or go out to the tunnel.


Enjoy 1 hour of professional massage every month.

  Tiffany, director of the Institute of Tactile Studies at the University of Miami School of Medicine?

Dr. Field said that massage can drive away worries and increase the level of dopamine in the body, making people feel more relaxed.


Relax at least once a year.

  At least a few days a year, it’s easy to go out on vacation.

Take a nap, flip through the magazines, take a stroll on the beach, and enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner.