A classic prescription that helps to eliminate age spots

A classic prescription that helps to eliminate age spots

Relatives at home told me a way to “vinegar soaked eggs”, in addition to age spots, you can try.

  Method: Take 180 ml of old vinegar into a jar, then put a washed raw egg into the soak.

Two days later, the eggshell is softened. Use a needle to puncture a hole in the top of the egg. Discharge the egg white into a small bottle and put it in the refrigerator. Take a little egg white on the spot every day, 5?
Wash off after 10 minutes.

I insisted on using every second, the spots really faded.

This method is economical.

  The egg white has the health-care effect of nourishing and nourishing yin. The vinegar is acidic, has certain corrosion and exfoliation.

The principle of vinegar soaked egg whitening is to remove the rust effect of vinegar. At the same time, add egg white, irritating buffer and substitute for vinegar, and prevent excessive stimulation caused by direct contact with vinegar.

  Age spots are formed by seborrheic keratosis of the skin and belong to a pigment plaque, so this method of exfoliation may have a certain effect.

  However, there are two points to be aware of during use: First, prevent excessive skin irritation.

If the skin appears red, swollen, burning, itching and other irritating symptoms, indicating that the concentration of vinegar is too high, you need to replace it before you can continue to use; if the symptoms still do not relieve after replacement, it may be skin allergies, need to stop using immediately.

  Second, keep it clean.

This method is a traditional folk prescription. It is recommended to use it according to individual circumstances. Pay attention to hygiene when using it. Keep the vinegar egg liquid for too long to prevent bacteria from growing.