How to eat high blood sugar, eat 3 kinds of food

How to eat high blood sugar, eat 3 kinds of food

Coarse grains: Generally, the staple foods are often eaten with coarse grains and legumes. The coarse grains that can be eaten are: sugar rice can transform sugar, buckwheat can lower blood sugar, and oats, black rice, and glutinous rice can reduce complications.

Bean food: Soybeans can lower blood sugar and urine sugar, black beans can regulate blood sugar metabolism, mung bean can treat diabetes, cowpea promotes metabolic secretion, and strengthens sugar metabolism.

The original precious fruit: the original precious fruit can adjust the body’s metabolic function, so that its own supplement can be restored and fully function, so that blood sugar can be absorbed and utilized by the body tissue cells, so that blood sugar is reduced.The purpose of long-term stable and comprehensive control of blood sugar allows the human body to permanently replace its secreted insulin to break down blood sugar.

Yuanzhen Xiangtian is a pure natural plant fruit, originated from the Solomon Islands virgin forest in the South Pacific, belonging to the genus Polygonaceae, with scarce production and precious left and right.

It is mainly used to regulate diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, endocrine disorders, etc. Long-term use can improve body function, improve body immune function, strengthen solids, activate cells, prevent and delay aging, and have great complications to the human body.

Yuanzhen is cool to the fruit, heat, convergence, bitter taste, glutinous, without any impurities, is a very rare plant.

According to the “Malaysia Herbal Medicine Catalogue”, it is bitter, astringent, cool, and antipyretic, and it is strong and strong!

Its seeds are inherited: diabetes, high blood pressure.