How to reduce the fat of the abdomen 7 small tricks farewell to the small belly

How to reduce the fat of the abdomen 7 small tricks farewell to the small belly

Beware of the widespread spread of popular dieting networks that lead to information explosions, and the ubiquitous ways to lose weight are everywhere.

College students are a very active group, and their ability to accept new things is particularly strong. Therefore, all kinds of Chinese medicine weight loss methods will be popular in female dormitory.

However, it should be reminded that many methods of weight loss have no scientific basis, and the results can be imagined.

Regular, adequate sleep Some college students MM like to stay up late, and the next morning they have to get up early to class, leading to lack of sleep; or sleep too long during the day, sleep late at night, causing black and white upside down.

Scientific research has found that people who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to gain weight than those who sleep more than seven hours; irregular sleep leads to hormonal changes in regulatory fatigue.

The normal diet is the most slimming in the morning to sleep at 7:30, then rushed to get up and wash, then rushed to the classroom all the way, after a morning of mental work, less than lunch time, but already eager to eat a meal; a meal at noonAfter that, I almost didn’t want to eat at night; I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and I ate high-conversion snacks.

Weight loss experts recommend that breakfast should be simple, lunch will not overeating, dinner moderate amount of insomnia can eat some fruit before going to bed, punch the oatmeal and so on.

Breakfast is indispensable because of the late night, there is no time to eat breakfast, over time, I forgot to eat breakfast, especially in winter, it is more convenient for college students MM.

Nutritionists say that when you don’t eat your own meal, your body becomes aging.

Once you are hungry and can’t bear it, you will grab something to eat, and you lose the sanity of food choice when you are full.

It’s all about snacks. The latest research proves that for young girls, the beginning of obesity is snacks.

Sitting in front of the dormitory computer, chatting about QQ, playing Weibo, watching American drama, eating melon seeds, eating potato chips, eating chocolate. If you really love snacks, then prepare some snacks in advance, thinkEat and eat a little.

But remember, don’t prepare too many snacks for yourself. Drink a glass of water or tea before eating snacks to help shape your body.

Develop healthy habits Everything in our daily lives is closely related to weight loss. Every choice you make determines whether weight loss can be successful.

For example, watching TV, eating snacks while playing computer, and overeating when you are in a bad mood, these common habits are the cause of your obesity.

Students who do not eat diet pills like to buy slimming tea and diet pills, but these are too much damage to the body, especially the stomach?
And eating may rebound, people will not have the spirit, nausea, dizziness, and easy to develop a sense of dependence, and some people later produced constipation, bleak!